Brooklyn College – 1st General Assembly

Minutes from first Brooklyn GA

When school was white institution tuition was free (lasted 30ish years)
Open admissions – 1960’s
Implemented tuition, with tuition rising in cost every year and services going down Faculty council is the governing body; other faculty council members elect new members
Faculty Council Meetings held every second Tuesday of the month
There was a “Rational Tuition Policy” enacted – tuition would increase incrementally every year

Stop raising tuition – feasibility? It has been stopped before in the past
Brooklyn College history is a history of struggle – students escalating actions
“Student representative is a puppet for the administration”
School can’t fully privatize whole school in one single action – moving to privatize parts of it

Printing costs!

Baruch College- CUNY board of trustees meetings are held here
The walkout participants are not here at this meeting
We need to show results to gain numbers (printing action)

Disconnect on campus
Is this an alienating process?
The state is giving aid money to Columbia University (they get free printing)


Plan actions on dates that tuition hikes take effect
Write letters
Create a student petition
Logistics of getting free printing – enact at 2-5% pay cut for top
Need to have banners or signage at next meeting
Create an event on campus or elsewhere to bring in new students – host a welcoming party?
Make announcements in individual classrooms
Create a table at the school
Media? Make video of student grievances


Friday Oct. 20th/ 4pm/ CUNY Wide Student General Assembly meeting/
Hunter College/ Ongoing
Friday Oct. 20th/ 6pm/ CUNT Student Radical Teach-In/ Washington Square Park/ Ongoing
Every Saturday/ 1pm/ All Student General Assembly meeting/ Washington Square Park
Saturday Oct.22nd & Sunday Oct. 23rd/ Community, Sustainability & Money/ Pace University/ $25 Registration Fee- Scholarships are available/
Thursday Oct. 27th /5:30pm/ Free Admission/ Metropolitan AME Church: CUNY student strikes from past movements with guest speakers/
Friday Oct. 28th/ 1pm/ Brooklyn College main entrance- Bedford entrance/ Brooklyn College student to be apart of

Occupy Wall St-
purpose, destination?

Nov. 21st planned action at the next CUNY Board of Trustees meeting;
this is a public hearing with people allowed to speak

‘BC Student Union’ on Facebook


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