12/17/11 – CUNY General Assembly

14 People attend and Hunter, Queens, Brooklyn, and Medgar Evers
College as well as the Graduate Center are represented.
Agenda- A.Report Backs/Announcements
B.Action in California
C.Action in March
D.Next GA
E.January Movement Building

A. Report Backs/Announcements
1.New York Students Risig Retreat
a.will be Jan 7th to the 8th at 13st and 7th ave.
2.OWS Film Night at PSC CUNY
a. about 100 were in attendance
b. about 12 short films made up to Dec. 10 were shown
c. film makers covered a wide range of topics concerning the
occupy movement
2.Duarte Sq Re-Occupation
a.approximately 500 people attempt to hold Duarte sq on the
corner of 5th ave and Canal
b.at the end of the meeting, its announced the occupation has
3. Graudate Center GA
a.NY Students Rising retreat was discussed
b.Support for March 1st day of action was consensed upon
c.Inclusion working group is doing a class privilege work shop
tentatively on Feb. 18
d.Jail support working group is meeting with LG
4. All city GA planning meeting to occur  Tuesday 12/20 at 8 at
310 W43rd st

B. Action in California (specifically the call for March 1 week of
1. A few groups in California have called for a national week of
2. there is discussion on student strikes
3. SDS plans to endorse March 1
4. Support for the week of action beginning March 1 is voiced

C. Action in March
1. The all student GA endorsed the March 1 week of action
2. Several students raise a proposal for campuses to begin
organizing strike committees immediately in preparation for a student
strike sometime in March
a. The staff at the new school may be striking as early as
b. A question of how committee would relate to GA’s there are is
c. Concern over weather its too soon to call for a strike is
1. there is significant debate over weather or not it is too
soon to call for a student strike
3. Proposal to support March 1 as a national day of action, and to
call for an action in NY for March 1 as a “day of action: strike/
occupy/escalate”, and have a mass assembly at the end of the day to
decided next steps, where clear proposals would be submitted in
a. an amendent proposed to remove: “strike/occupy/escalate”
just endorsing as March 1 as a day of action for now, to allow more
time for discussion on the exact character of the day and the timing
of escalation in the Spring. amendment is defeated (4 in favor, 4
abstentions, 5 against)
b. original proposal is passed (12 in favor, 1 abstention).

D. Next GA
1. After some discussion, its decided that on FridayJanuary 6th
will be a less formalized discussion at the Grad Center on specific
issues like cross campus coordination, because its likely
there                   will be low attendance.
2. The next GA will be on January 14th, Location: TBA

E. January Movement Building
1. The Grad Center GA is planning work shops over the winter break
2. the possibility of a monthly CUNY wide GA zine is discussed
3. developing a CUNY wide GA events calendar is proposed along
with building cross-campus solidarity over break
4. a proposal for the outreach working group to invite other
student groups at CUNY is consensed upon
5. a proposal to seek endorsement of other CUNY student groups for
the March 1st proposal with the amendment that we allow other groups
to make other calls is agreed upon
6. a proposal for the outreach group to come up with a mission
statement over break is consensed upon


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