11/12/11 – CUNY-Wide General Assembly Notes

IMPORTANT: These minutes are not comprehensive. Please leave comments fill in anything that might have been left out.


Intros & intro to GA setting, space, hand signs

Next Meeting?
Rotating campuses
Not @ the same campus 2 weeks in a row
Not @ the same time as NYC WSP Student GA
Brooklyn or CCNY for next week?
Secure indoor space as well
Representation larger according to what boro the mtg is held in…
CCNY next week – Brooklyn the week after?
Google Calendar of individual school’s GAs/meetings/events
Next Meeting: Saturday 11/19 at CCNY at 3PM – space to be determined – consens-ed upon!
Contact other community groups and #occupy groups in Harlem

Report Backs
Priya – 21st – Board of Trustees Hearing, 28th – BoT meeting
Grad Center GA report back
2 GAs so far, around 50 – 60 people in attendance
outreach group – tabling
Wednesday evening planning for the 17th @ the Grad Center @ 8:30
Friday @ the Grad Center, meeting again

Brooklyn College report back
Monday – CUNY Activist History teach-in @ 12
Tuesday – anti-racism training @ 12
Wednesday – Teaching the Teachers @9AM and @12
Thursday – GA, Walk out, Meet up
weekly GAs held in the basement of SUBO at 1PM on Thursdays

OWS report back on 11/17 Actions
Trade unions will have a large presence
Morning, 5AM – shut down financial district
2PM – boro and transit convergences
4PM – Foley Square rally
3PM – Student in Union Square gather
5PM – Faith leaders, trade unions occupy the BK Bridge
Impromptu marches around the area/city

Hunter report back
Monday – OWS training @ 1PM, anti-oppression training, non violent direct action training
Tuesday – Teach In @ 4:30
Wednesday – Indoor March 1 – 3
Thursday – Student Strike

Megdar Evers
First GA held last Tuesday, 15 people and 5 cops
Outreach, teach ins

Rally to walk out on the 17th

hearing on the 21st: disrupt w/mic check?
Take the space – not actually a democratic forum, certain voices are not intended to be heard
meeting on the 28th: block entrances? doors? obstruct BoT from entering, holding vote…

21st: Meet up @ 3PM @ Madison Square Park to march to BoT hearing
Should there be a speech or statement prepared regarding the undemocratic processes of the Board of Trustees?

Vending machines – free food @ Hunter!
Tuition hikes – privatized and militarized schools
CUNY security carrying automatic machine guns…
Statement to be made @ BoT meeting?

Outreach? Spread the movement and increase momentum…
Database of CUNY organizing
solidarity signs at rallies
canvas on other campuses
pre-existing awareness and organizing – tap into it!
community organizations supporting students
Publication working group to form CUNY Wide movement newsletter

If I missed anything/forgot anything, don’t hesitate to add it!


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