10/28/09 – Hunter General Assembly

IMPORTANT: These minutes are not comprehensive. Please leave comments fill in anything that might have been left out.

NEWS: We met inside!! Awesome!


Week of action (14-21) will include a day of action to target a different demand each day. Thursday the 17th is day of labor action coinciding w/OWS, 21st is board of t action! Details to be discussed not on internet!

FLYERS will be in envelopes outside 305b in Thomas!! Take them and hand out!

Outreach will also be making a “calendar” flyer, and will be posting a hard schedule for people to sign up

CLASS RAPS need to happen. Will send list of classes, also ASK YOUR PROF to announce! Worst they can say is no…

NOV 2nd is Oakland general strike and Sotheby’s action day!! Hoping for roundtable, then march to sotheby’s action

There are worker and student inquiries for outreach! If interested conact outreach committee!

Logistics and demands—send committee contact info to outreach so we can coordinate between GA’s!!

CUNYWIDE GA! There is concern about overworking ourselves—people who are inclined will work on bt will not thro all weight of GC behind.

There is a link to the petition: to distribute.signon.org/sign/rights-for-cuny-stude

Outreach reportback:
Michelle has flyers. Everyone should flyer
Flyers will additionally be outside 305b th in folders

Logistics committee:
-need facilitation volunteers to come to facilitation committee so that everyone can rotate.
-we need to have legal observers each time
-also video recorders
-Question: will there be facilitation trainings?
-there are at zucotti park, or talk to logistics committee
-from ows’r: will exchange info w/someone from logistics committee
-Maybe we should also have our own facilitation here?
-facilitation or logistics do a training and bring it back?  They can do this at their breakout

Demands committee:
Did not get to meet
-what were demands from last GA?
-Brainstormed, but not decided on: remove turnstyles, cheaper, healthier food, cops off campus, freeze tuition, more and free’r printing, ending surveillance on students especially muslim students

-Push towards CUNY wide GA
-From BK college: conversations about CUNY wide GA and try to do a Brooklyn college GA
-we also need to build at hunter
-There is a committee for outreach to other cuny campuses.  Get people together who want to do that
-wash square park get kind of dominated by private schools
-cuny is pivotal to organize and has different class and race composition.
-washington square park
-If people wanna set up a committee to set up a committee, they should be able to do that.
-we we divesting energy from other campuses
-would like to envision citywide university.

Discussion on what this is?
-one person sees it as a place where people can get together and do what they want; if there is confusion should spend time
-not telling anyone what to do but should
-should see who supports proposal and then who will do the work.  We can propose what we’re going to do, but then no one does it.

Can we do action?
People say yes but need to check with agenda.
Facilitators propose announcements right after discussing actions.
-should have discussion of actions

-we have 6 days: one day is big labor day on the 17th.  One day about each demand—leading up to last day which is BoT meeting about tuition.  Labor, tuition, free printing, food,
-Maybe having soft occupations each day coinciding with demands
-report back from direct action committee—organizing people to go to direct action
November 2nd is sotheby’s action and Oakland general strike
-On nov 21st organizing a march from herald square to BoT meeting.
-In spirit of occupy wall street week of action be called occupy hunter: make a website to communicate activities.  Don’t know about planning different actions, specific actions we wanna plan.
-Proposal for that to be part of logistics committee.
-What about demands committee and logistics committee?  How are we gonna decide?
-This is public, but we don’t want to discuss details here.
-giving rules and regs to head of security…
-head of public security is hear to make sure no one is arrested…

November 1st march to cuomo’s ofice
There is a link to the petition: to distribute.signon.org/sign/rights-for-cuny-students

November 2nd:
-=In Oakland: shot someone in head, Oakland called general strike for November 2nd, and coincides with sotheby’s action

-Outreach can work on a teach-in for sotheby’s
-twitter and flickr huntergeneralassembly
-Outreach will put things up
-debate about this: is actions in logistics or in outreach; subcommittee sotheby’s subcommittee
-hostos is having general assembly November 5th from 12-4
-non-hunter students to flyer for next assembly




Made inquiries for workers and students trying to distribute them widely throughout hunter and then decide on other actions and more solidarity
-does logistics have Sotheby

S flyer

-get contact info from other committees
-flickr and twitter are both cunyhunterga


-communication between outreach, Leila and Medina will get list to outreach
-have general assembly on day of each action
-communicate over listserv
-have facilitation training: OWS is having training on Sunday; if you’re interested reach out to Julian
-working over course of next few days for general assemblies and actions on each day.
-17th is labor day and 21st will be bot march


-meeting and have labor student solidarity; also for week of action
-has flyers for roundtable, which is the same day as sotheby’s
-having campus workers and adjuncts on roundtable
-will is coordinating roundtable
-logistics is coordinating facilitators
-if yr interested in facilitating reach out to facilitation.
Whomever is interested in cunywide ga talk to outreach!!!


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  1. CORRECTION!!!! The petition is


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