10/21/11 – CUNY General Assembly Minutes


Facilitators: Cindy and Mike
-Intro of hand gestures (fingers/hands up=agree, down=disagree/don’t like, hands outstretched=on the fence)
-summary of last week: cops didn’t let us into Hunter College at last Friday’s GA.
Letter to the officials- link: http://tinyurl.com/3mwwu9f

-CUNY Law: liaison vital–Michelle in charge of establishing connection–Danya’s suggestion: request individual entrance into Hunter College at the next CUNY GA, we plan to meet inside.
-we should be allowed to enter the college as CUNY students.
–Adjunct’s suggestion: we address the issuse of Muslim spying on campus, demand removal of turnstiles, ask court officer’s resignation
-we need to identify public spaces within college-Debate occurs over location: majority consensus to meet inside.

-Julian becomes in charge of Logistics Committee (to address concerns over location).
-Proposal: discuss 5 yr plan Week Action (NOV 21st-28th); Reach out to other CUNY students about this event.
-Adjunct’s suggestion: demand no tuition, suggest for transparency about spying
-student’s suggestions: bring up food issue, boycott vending machines

-student block/point of process: free CUNY demand is not realistic

-there’s a problem with the printer’s, they’re fucking broken

What do we want to see in the long-term?

-hold assemblies at other campuses?

-mention of a meeting this Thursday at 5:30 (speaking with previously successful protesters, failed to mention location. Perhaps he meant to promote Tuesday Oct 25th‘s meeting to talk about a self-sustained grassroots student force on campus- Thomas Hunter ROOM 305B 4:30 pm, Hunter College. For more info email: hunterstudentsunited@gmail.com

We are not an authoritative body!

-student suggestion: plan for Week of Action’s organization- daily subject for action.


November 14, 2011:

November 15, 2011:

November 16, 2011:

November 17, 2011: OWS labor march?

November 18, 2011:

November 19, 2011:

November 20, 2011:

November 21, 2011: Board of Trustees protest

-Announcement: October 22nd Coalition: National Day of Protest, 2pm at Union Square.

-Committee Break Out – reconvene in 25 minutes.

Working groups + point person: email cunyhunterga@gmail.com to get in touch with point person for working groups

  1. Outreach at Hunter
  2. Outreach to hold CUNY-wide GA
  3. Demands/Issues:
  4. Logistics: Julian

Next Hunter General Assembly: 10/28/11, 4-6pm, in Hunter West Lobby

2nd CUNY GA ends at approximately 6pm


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