CUNY Faculty Statement of Support

We faculty members of The City University of New York (CUNY) would
like to express our solidarity with Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and the
nascent student movement it has helped galvanize at CUNY. We support
the movement’s stand against the structural inequalities that lead to
the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the few and
against austerity measures taken during the recent economic downturn.
The costs of this crisis and current social order constitute a harsh
reality for many New Yorkers and especially CUNY students because our
student body has always been the 99%: working-class people of all
colors with a strong commitment to education and democracy. The
increasing tuition costs and growing debt burden foisted upon students
undermines not only CUNY’s institutional goals, but also our students’
very futures.

This is why we support the student strike organized by our students on
Thursday November 17, along with the protests on November 21 against
the prospect of tuition hikes to be decided on by the Board of

Please forward to other faculty. To sign the statement, write to


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