The Call For a General Assembly

Students at Hunter, one of the CUNY schools, called for a Hunter General Assembly on 10/06/11. That weekend the proposal was brought to the All-City assembly organized by Occupy Wall St. where is was decided to have a CUNY-wide general assembly instead of a Hunter-specific one. The assembly was open to all CUNY students, workers, adjuncts, community members and allies.

Minutes of the General Assembly will be posted.



One Comment on “The Call For a General Assembly”

  1. - says:

    Is this in reference to the GA which occurred at CUNY Hunter on Oct 12th?
    If so, from my understanding, the first GA at Hunter was a CUNY-wide assembly (as dictated by All-City assembly organized by Occupy Wall St).

    From what I understand of the following 2nd & 3rd GA’s at Hunter: they are no longer CUNY-wide assemblies. The 2nd and 3rd GA’s at Hunter were CUNY Hunter specific. Depsite the original mandate which called for the commencement of a CUNY-wide GA at Hunter, not a CUNY Hunter GA at Hunter.

    Was there ever a consensus at any of the GA’s at Hunter that the following GA’s would be Hunter specific?

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